I am a failure in dropshipping and decided to close my store

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I tried to build dropshipping store twice but failed both the times as I could not generate good targetted traffic even though I spent money on FB ads.

Apart from that I live in India and I believe it would be difficult to build shopify dropship store being here in India and target US customers. Apart from that what I found is that the items in Aliexpress are availble in Amazon US for pretty much same price as Aliexpress offers and with 7 days shipping, so I found it not be worth targetting.

I have sent almost 100+ $ on FB Ads without any sales at all, so burried my pocket so decided not to try the dropshipping at all in my life again.

My store is plannetshoppe.com, I even tried to post the site for sale for small amount even that did not worked out. So today decided to close it down and shall process it by later today.

With that deep regret and unhappiness closing down the dropship model from my life.


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Hi Raghu,

I feel your pain. I have had a very similar experience and I believe it's epedemic in the Shopify kingdom.

We see soo many videos where someone has "Free product just pay shipping" or some other sales pitch, that we believe the hype.

Then there's FB ads. People keep saying to me "you need to be an ad expert" & "use your audience profile" etc. but I'm not an expert and I haven't got copius amounts of cash to give to FB for what?

I spent $200 on FB ads and not one sale. I truly believe it's the biggest rip-off of all time!

Just go to the Shopify store Exchange and look at the stores for sale. Even the bigger priced ones have massive traffic, then hardly any, and they all say it's because they run out of ad money.

So, I to am closing my stores because I just don't know what I'm supposed to do.

Good luck to you and I hope you find your success somewhere.

Me, I'm now looking at Amazon as at least people will buy from Amazon, just need some traffic now!

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Thanks for your reply and I definately agree with your points.

Yes even I am not sure what to do now, I dont have any products which I can sell some where else as I tried dropshippig to make money online.

I even tried Kindle Publishing had a very small success but could not scale it as that too requires many factors like Review, Ranking etc., I have published 2 books 1 book is making little money say about 1 to 2 books a month and 2nd one is not making anything at all.

So not sure what to follow, many over loaded informations and courses online. Looking out the ways to settle down and build a good business which can give me a consistent income.

Wish you all the best for your plans and wish you to be successful.



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I have mentioned some of the common dropshipping mistakes that are main reasons behind the failure-

  • Some business owners think that dropshipping needs less investment and capital and blindly jump into dropshipping business even without any guidance and information.
  • Some of the sellers are failed at choosing the reliable supplier and have to sell products that are low in quality and may be higher in price.
  • Highly competitive environment 
  • Selecting wrong niche and wrong platform
  • Low profit margins 

To get a detailed information about the reasons behind the failure of dropshipping business visit is dropshipping worth it-low dropshipping success rate 


Hi @Raghavendra_Kul 

You can use private suppliers instead of Aliexpress. They deliver in 7 to 10 days to USA. 

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I'm sorry to hear that you have failed, but this is a normal thing. You don't need to feel too sad about it. Although shopify looks simple, it actually works, and the actual results you can achieve are often as you want. Deviations, you can summarize the reasons for the failure, such as whether there is a problem in product selection and promotion. I saw that you said to spend money on Facebook to advertise, but in fact, you can advertise yourself, no Need a penny, such as opening a facebook account, or Facebook, ins, you have to know that short video selling is actually very popular, so you can also look at TikTok

For dropshipping to succeed, three points depend on the option of products and seven factors depend on the procedure. If people who can not allow their shop items appear in the eyes of the people, after that the shop is primarily closed, so they will certainly need to advertise, whether it is Facebook or Google, Where dropshipper requires to spend money.</p>

But if it is TikTok, after that every little thing will be much simpler. First, you don't require to spend any kind of advertising costs, and you don't require to ask others to present your very own products. These can be done by yourself. If you have a special concept about making videos, also You can make the product introduction extremely amazing, or straight arrange it right into a brief life film to reveal the numerous uses and gameplay of the product, and also even spoof your own products, which can allow you to obtain several followers and also orders.

If you want to start again, you already have more experience, which allows you to avoid making mistakes, but you can choose to learn more.

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