I am not getting sales From Google Adwords.

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Well i have spend nearly $150 on Adwords but it is a very bad exparience. I did not get any single sale from Google Adwords. Even user doesn't add products into the cart. I am worried about it. Almost i have tried it for whole week. but didn't get any sale. this is my first experience and my first store. I am selling hiking and camping gears like backpacks, camping tents, sleeping bags and pads and hiking boots etc. but i was just made ads on Adwords regarding backpack. And i bid on branded keywords like "teton" is my brand name and i promote "teton backpacks, teton hikng backpack etc" but not geeting any sale. below i have mention my store's product url which i used to promote on Goole Adwords as well. please check me let me know if i have missed and thing in my store. and also please guide me how can i get my first sale as well.