I have my website, designs & printers ready, i can't just afford it!

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Hi everyone,

My shopify website is ready to roll, I have several designs sorted and I have a printer who has give me quotes for ording my t-shirts + designs.

I just can't afford to buy the t-shirts in bulk to make them cheap enough to sell. 

My accountants (I run several other websites/businesses) suggested i get an Investor, but figured I would see what you guys suggest.

Without ordering in bulk, the t-shirt will cost £10 and will take between 1 week  - 10 days to product (bulk gets pushed through quicker).


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Hi There! 

Starting your online store can be challenging sometime, I feel you! - But there's plenty options outthere to help you getting setup and going! I will suggest looking into Free online fundraising to start! Try to promote your idea of getting you online store in social media and get your friends and followers to join you fundrasing! It's not only free, but a great way to connect with people!



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Hello Joseph,

Nowadays there's no need for bulk orders, because you can use print on demand. No minimum order amount required.

By using Printify, you upload your design, select products that you want to sell, edit details and we automatically provide you with high definiton product images for your storefront.

There is no monthly fee required, and you pay for production and shipping only after you have sold the product. We manage automated order fulfillment.

We offer shirts, phone cases, mugs, wall art, laptop sleeves and more, now also launching many new products like pillows and shower curtains.

You can get our app on Shopify App Store - Printify

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