I want to become a Drop Shipper for another Shopify store

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I have an opportunity to become a drop shipper for another shopify store and have them sell our products and we would fufill the ordering.

Are there any apps out there that can make this happen?

If not, what is the best way to capture payment? Just have him buy the product each time from my store with his card?

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We're a bunch of ex microsoft, best buy and ibm guys building an app to create just such a marketplace. Can you direct message me so I can understand better the inventory you can provide and how it would work best for you?

Are there others on the board that want to market their drop-ship capabilities to other Shopify shops?



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This is definitely something I would be interested in. Ideally the order would be placed directly for fullment within my store at a user group price of sorts

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Hey Justin,

I had the same problem, but i created a very novice way way to get this done. Im on the other side of your question. Either have them pay you upfront which is difficult when they have hesitation if your shipping on time. So what you can do is directly supply them with a minimal inventory so they can fulfill the order, so you build trust with them. Or ask them to hold funds in escrow, once they see the items tracking, you providing the tracking number as soon as the order comes in, then they pay you eithe when in transit or when delivered, so they can make sure the buyer is satisfied. Let me know if you have any questions. 

If you would like to sell on our site just let me know, bruce@100dollarlots.com




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