Innovative coffee brand seed investment

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scandi entrpreneur based in Indonesia. Looking for seed investment for innovative coffee brand. 20k eur offer 30%. Access to indo robusta well under market price, 

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Hi, Good Morning,


Pls, my sincere apology if this message doesn't meet your personal quirks but if you know the stress and effort i made to get your contact you will appreciate the information i am about to share with you here. Someone I presumed to be your relative because he is from your country and most importantly because of the similarities in your last names who was aninvestor with our bank but died on Tuesday August 16, 2005 in a plane crash in Venezuela has come to the limelight in our bank because since 2005 that he died his portfolio worth 10.8 millions Pounds has not touch because no name next-of-kin was found in his bio-data form, if you are familiar with Investment Banking affairs those who patronize our servicesusually prefer anonymity with some levels of detachment from conventional processes as they operates their accounts with numbers, pin and codes for the avoidance of scrutiny as they follow their investment with portfolio monitoring tools to track their account's gains and losses so when they die their investment die with them as mostly their families know not aboutthe investment. Now this investment has generated a huge accrued interest to the amount of 2.9 Million British Pounds because he was operating a domiciliary pounds account hence the bank management authorized my office as the Associate Professor of Accounting & Finance of this Bank to locate any living relative of this investor to claim this money in line with the banking ethics as stipulated by World Bank Group (WBG). I will simply nominate & empowered you with relevant information and documentation to enable you claim the money officially and legitimately for us to share equally. Pls, I know because of scam it is hard to trust people these days but I know the God that led my path to you and chosen you for this once in a life time opportunity and blessing will grant you the serenity to see that this is practically beyond scam. Please contact me using my private email address stated for us to discuss more about this project.



Remain Bless. 


Yours Sincerely,

Mr Patrick Bauer.