Introducing DropVessel Shopify App - Fully Automated Dropshipping for Shopify

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Hello Everyone!

DropVessel ( is an early-stage bootstrapped startup located in San Diego providing a true end-to-end automated dropship fulfillment solution for Shopify stores.

Shopify business owners should be able to easily import products, set the price and let the fulfillment processes go on "auto-pilot". DropVessel takes care of automatically syncing stock levels, purchasing items, updating tracking numbers, and marking orders fulfilled.

Our mission is to give businesses the ability to focus more on customers and less on back-end logistics. Many high-volume dropshippers rely on out-sourced virtual assistants to process orders and some of them are using CSV formatted spreadsheets to upload order data on a daily basis. The entire process is not streamlined and prone to order processing issues. 

To solve this problem, we have built DropVessel. You setup a digital wallet of funds that are used for the automatic ordering of synced products. When the order is placed on Shopify our DropVessel system is notified to use these funds to auto purchase the items, pick the products at the warehouse, process, and ship.

We have fully integrated our system into an established Chinese logistics partner to provide the solid infrastructure needed for businesses to succeed in todays marketplace. This relationship enables us to provide competitive product sourcing, warehousing, order-fulfillment and most importantly various carrier options to help expedite shipping.

Watch our app demo on YouTube to learn how DropVessel integrates with Shopify.

  1. Our aim is to provide the best customer service always. More importantly, we are a early stage startup, we are looking to foster relationships with online business owners who can really leverage our technology. We will be here to help them get things running smoothly.

  2. We currently have no minimum requirement on the digital wallets initial deposit.

  3. Currently we have no price yet set since we are still trying to bring customers on-board during our private app period.

Our platform is best suited for online stores who are already dropshipping products from China and looking to fully streamline the process. If you are doing many orders per day and no longer wish to continue worrying about the back-end fulfillment processes, I would strongly encourage you to consider our solution.

What makes DropVessel different then many of the other dropship apps on Shopify is we are not a tool to sync other third party marketplaces into your Shopify store. We are not a system with decentralized warehousing. When we use the word "decentralized" we mean that you are not going to have a customers order have products shipped from multiple suppliers. Our system will always try to take all of the products on the order and combine them into one shipment. This will result in happy customers since they will not need to wait for multiple smaller packages to arrive. Everything comes in the one package with one tracking number.

Our system centralizes the entire fulfillment process for your dropship business. This enables you to have carrier rate lookups, more logistic options, combined shipping, actual inventory stock level syncing, auto tracking updates, auto order shipment and most importantly automatic Shopify order fulfilment. In a nutshell, our system has the ability to make your entire customers order not require any intervention from you.

If you are still reading this post and feel that our solution may benefit you, please reach out to us. We are here to learn more about how we can better help with your business goals and see about getting your dropship business optimized.

Thank you,

DropVessel Team