Is a good idea to drop shipping on ebay or aliexpress for a new shopify shoper ?

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Drop shipping on ebay or aliexpress is not a good idea,I think there are so many similar products there ,and used an app that compared product prices you can find the cheapest online,more and more shops will sell the similar items. 
sellers in aiexpress or ebay have to face hot compete, they have to sell their products with tiny margin , that is not a good thing ,bad quality and low price to meet hot compete.
if you want to have a good sale, you need to find out the real products provider with workshop or factory. but some guys meet the same problem that these products manuacturer request to purchase in bulk, if you only one or two pieces of items, they would not like to sell .
for most of shopers, they can not buy in bulk and stock to sell. becasue when the time is go, the price will go down and your money will be lost.
good sales shop have the good source of goods , special products and good quality. some guys think that finding dropshippers is the easy part , but I think finding source of goods for  your shop should be the the hard part. the goods should be special, should be good quality . and  you should finding out right product provider who can provide it in a few pieces and with Competitive price.
yes,I want to promote anything here, but I am new to sell by shopify shop , and no any idea to seo for my shopify shop. but if you are looking into drop shipping and want to find out the right goods to sell in your shop, maybe you can try our products , we have our own workshop and years experience in selling our products.
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As you use aliexpress for dropshipping, give a try to our new app dsmatepro which helps you to dropship from various suppliers sites like amazon, ebay, walmart etc., including chinese sites like aliexperss, alibaba. You can place unlimited orders using our app. You can fulfill orders by semi-automatic order fulfillment process. Get the app link here

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If you choose drop shipping, I think a tool named ShopMaster( can help you.

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yeah, there are so many platforms to do EC, you'd better compare it carefully and choose the best one.