Is there an app that allows you to become a drop ship SUPPLIER?

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We sell cycling apparel.  Other online stores want to sell our products on their stores.   Is there a Shopify App or business method that would allow for:

  • Shopify Store A to sell items from Shopify Store B?
  • Upon Store A sell, automatically send order fulfillment to Store B
  • Store A collects customer payment as normal, then Store B invoices Store A manually (or automate this too)

There's lots of content here about how to find items that can be dropshipped from a 3rd party.  We are seeking information about the inverse... how to distribute our products via app or product fee to other stores and automate order passing.




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Hi Toby, 

I'm the developer of Mothership ( Our app does exactly what you're describing above. Feel free to reach out to us at sales[at]mothership[dot]fm for more info.