Is there an easy way to view store price vs. AliExpress cost?

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Hi, I'm hesitant to use Oberlo's auto-update price/multiplier feature. My site is heavily dependant on friend referrals, and wouldn't want one person to tell their friend they can get "XYZ product" on my site for $10, all for their friend to visit and the price to be way higher due to the dropshipper changing the price on AliExpress.

Is there an app or easy way to view the AliExpress product cost next to my shop price in an easy to update table, where I can just review all my products, without having to constantly check AliExpress for each of my 100+ products?

This feature sort of exists on Oberlo before you push the products to the store, but there's no easy way to maintain these prices... Any helpful advice?





You can view both AliExpress product cost next to your shop price for all of your products in our app dashboard. You can easily import products into your store by one-click using our dropshipping app Appfreaker. You can have many features like customize the product and set your own price rules etc.,Get our app link here

I share a screenshot of the app dashboard to you where you can see this feature

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