Keeping your stock up to date

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As dropshippers you rely on stock and price lists from your distribution network. If you are like us then you use many distributers and many different stock and price files all formatted differently.  

How regularly do you update your stock and price files on your store? Is there a way of doing it that will update the price and qty variables without overwriting all the other shopify variables that you have worked hard to design and configure (such as Title and Descriptions) 

Is there a tool you use to update your inventory and if so what is it? 

It takes us over 24 hours to update our inventory from 6 price files so there must be a better way of working. 


Any help or thoughts would be great.




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I use sellbrite ..there are others though and its not cheap. I use it because i have several different venues. I need it to keep the inventory up to date. You do have to have the same upc, sku on each site. They up date about every 15 minutes ( i think). I dont think it will automatically change new info from your drop shippers though. You have to put it in and it changes the ohter venues