Linking dropshippers API Keys to shopify

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Hi all,

Please can someone help us? 

We are in the process of building an ecommerce shopify business and are having problems with integrating new product supplier API keys to our site. It is fine where the established dropshippers like Oberlo, Inkthreadables, ArtsAdd have developed plug ins for shopify, but please can someone tell me what we need to do to work with new suppliers who have API keys but not plug ins? We want to add their products to our store and push the customer orders directly back to the supplier as an automated process. Is it a case of adding some coding in our backend?


Many thanks in advance.

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Shopify allows to import products through CSV files also. You can ask the products CSV file to the supplier and can import products into your store.

If you need automated process then you can refer to Dropshipmate shopify app where you can import products from 18+ websites like amazon, ebay, aliexpress, walmart, dhgate etc., This app specifies in Semi-automated order fulfillment process which makes you ease. It also imports product reviews and enables daily auto update sync.

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Hey Bruce,

For the part of the process that pushes the orders back to your supplier, our app EZ Exporter may be able to help with this.

Basically, with our app you can shcedule an automated CSV export of your orders and can filter the order data by vendor (so in case you have multiple vendors you can create separate schedules/custom CSV exports for each one). You can schedule an order export as frequent as every 15 minutes.

Please feel free to contact me directly at if you have any questions.

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