Liquidating Inventory Cheap

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I am looking for somebody who wants to buy my whole inventory in bulk. Since I am based in Europe, I don’t have direct access to my inventory.


All my products are currently stored and handled by at their LA warehouse. I currently have 331 Waterproof Hydration Packs (Cost: 12.06$ each), 194 Nylon Hydration Belts (Cost: 7.55$ each) and 176 Pet Carriers (Cost: 15.99 $ each). Costs include production, quality checks and shipping.


I used to sell them on Amazon. However, as sales slowed down a bit I thought that it might be better to sell them on Ebay or via dropshipping websites. However, I didn’t have time to set everything up and now I just want to sell my inventory in bulk.


Price: 2,500 USD excl. shipping


That's 5,750 USD less than the total production cost!!!


Feel free to email me:


Best regards,

Stefan Winter

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