Looking for Canadian Dropship Suppliers

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Hey Everyone,


Just wanted to introduce a new CANADIAN printer / dropshipper based out of Victoria, BC.


Rain Coast Print Shop is a DTG and screen printing studio that works with up and coming street wear brands and prints their designs onto custom clothing then dropships their orders to customers in Canada.



I know there has been a lot of frustration with dropshipping domestically and I know we can help you guys with your fulfillment, customer service and returns while you drive sales.


I will have a plugin that integrates with shopify later this year, for now, I would need access to the order section of your store.


Turnaround time is 3 days.


Reach out if you want to talk further!





Rain Coast Print Shop


We are here to help you get your new business off the ground and set you up for success!

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Holly, Please let me know more detail of how you set up your billing. I opened a TD US Checking account like you said. I am eager to get my shopify store kickstarted but I want to make sure my billing & payment is settled. I would love to check out your site as well! 


www.kingsmenclub.net is my domain


if you could email me - marcoprincipe1013@gmail.com I would love to hear your insight on how to set everything up. I look forward to your response!


Have a great

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Hi! Hollyps,

Could you provide more informations?

Wath is your company? How to get in tuch with you?

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