Looking for Merchify/Printful type Dropshippers

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Are there any applications out there or connections that can be used on a shopify domain for an apparel dropshipper site like Merchify or Printful, but in Canada?

The reason I'M asking for Canada specifically is because if a Canadian orders from one of those two dropshippers, they need to pay almost 50% more in custom fees, and a tee shirt will end up costing 40-50$, which is insane. 

I've been looking at creating a custom niche apparel site but would like to use a quality apparel dropshipper that can work in the US and in Canada, and won't have hidden fees like that. 

Anyone know of any, or suggest something else?

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Hey Mazza! I was wondering the same thing for quite some time and finally (FINALLY!) found the answer. 

It's Printify. 

Yes, they are a US company but they don't actually print anything (think of them as a middleman). Instead, they partner with print providers in Canada, US and UK who print and ship your products.

Currently, they only have 1 print provider in Canada (Canvus Print Lab based in Vancouver). They don't have the most selection (only 7 products) but for me, it was worth it. 

Here's what they have:

  • T-Shirts
    • Men's Premium Fit Crew T-Shirt (Next Level 3600)
    • Heavy Cotton T-Shirt (Gildan 5000)
    • Ultra Cotton T-Shirt (Gildan 2000)
    • Youth T-Shirt (Gildan 5000B)
  • Tanks
    • Women's The Ideal Racerback Tank (Next Level 1533)
  • Crewnecks
    • Adult Crewneck Sweatshirt (Gildan 18000)
  • Hoodies
    • Unisex Heavy Blend Hooded Sweatshirt (Gildan 18500)

Like I said, not the most selection and when I moved to them I had to cut out a bunch of other products like Embroidered Hats and Toques, Men's Tanks, etc. But as a Canadian company, it just didn't feel right having my customers pay shipping and then Duty & Custom fees. It's just a bad customer experience. 

Hope this helps!


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Is it confusing with them as the middle man? It seems like it will be too many people to have to coordinate with. Or do they just put you in touch with a company and back away?