Looking for Suppliers for our Outdoor Apparel, Accessories, and Gear

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We are the designers, makers, and suppliers of many outdoor related products listed online and looking to expand our products out to other online or retail markets.  Many have told us we should be in the likes of Bass Pro and Cabellas but just too many hoops to jump thru on those guys so we are looking for a more intiment working relationship.


We make everything ourself for the most part and ship worldwide


please check us out at www.SurfmonkeyGear.com


Let us know if you are interested in carrying our products


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Hi @Robert_Masse! Gabby here from Spocket.


Perhaps you'd be interested in on-boarding as a supplier on Spocket? Doing so allows your products to be listed on our catalog, which is viewed by our 35,000+ registered merchants on the platform. They're looking for new items to sell all the time so I think your products are a good fit. If you're interested, you can send an email to support@spocket.co so a member from the team can fill you in on what you have to do to become a supplier on the platform. As well, if you want to know more about Spocket, please feel free to respond to me here of visit Spocket's official website.


Hi @Robert_Masse 


Are you supplying these products or looking for suppliers? 

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