Looking for US based supplier for organic Matcha - Dropshipping (URGENT PLEASE!)

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Hi Everyone,

This is Mahmoud Smiai from Saudi Arabia been in the e-commerce industry for a while.

I'm currently searching for a supplier that is based in US and offer dropshipping/private labeling services:

any supplier interested in working with us must email us with all the following required information:

1 - Matcha prices Ceremonial, Premium. Culinary grades, must be organic 100% (if you don't have premium grade it's ok)

2 - do you have any other blends for matcha except the main ones? like vanilla or cocoa or Tumeric etc...?

3 - What other organic products do you have (tea)?

3 - Shipping times + costs to United States/Canada/Europe/Australia/Middle East (with tracking number provided to customer)? (Required please provide us with details)

4 - Do you offer private labeling service for a one time fee?

Note that we will be heavily doing SEM and SEO Marketing (20k a month spend) so it's really important to get the best prices so we can have good profit margin and you guys will be getting a lot of orders from our side.

I took a look about the competitors and studied them any non-reasonable quotes will be directly ignored sorry but yes as we said we want a reasonable wholesale price.

Finally please take a step and E-mail us at Mahmoud.smiai@gmail.com

Feel free to call anytime or to DM me through whatsapp at +966554567052



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Hi @mahmoud_smiai! Gabby here from Spocket.


Great and interesting niche, if I do say so myself! Unfortunately, we don't have much of the items you want for your store which you enumerated, but I could let our supplier on-boarding team know so they can try and source these out for you. We're always looking to expand out catalog so it's always great to find supplier/product posts like this on the forum.


In the meantime, might I invite you to check the other organic selections that Spocket has? You can access these via the app's "Ethically Sourced" feature on its catalog.




To access this though, you'd have to sign-up for free on Spocket's website.


Hi @mahmoud_smiai 


Please check the below 4 companies that offer Matcha Dropshipping.








Aiya America



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