Looking for US suppliers for jewelry and athletic wear

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Hello, I am looking for dropshipping suppliers fromthe US for my store.

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Hi, Debora.
My name is Alissa, I am part of the Guru team at Shopify.

I have here some suggestions for USA dropshippers that I've seen while working with Shopify stores. Modalyst and CollectiveFab. Although I have not used either of these personally, I see they meet the requirements you were looking for! As well, look to have positive reviews within the Shopify community. 

Here are the specific apps for each, that will integrate into your Shopify store directly!

Modalyst app- https://apps.shopify.com/modalyst

Collective Fab app- https://apps.shopify.com/collective-fab

Feel free to reach out to Shopify Support if you have any questions about getting this setup! 

Alissa F | Shopify Guru 

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Hi Debora ,

For easy dropshipping, you can import product form a lots of sites into your shopify shop by using Shopmsater.

Now Shopmaster support to import products form 29 sites: Amazon. eBay, walmart,us.banggood,Aliexpress,gearbest...etc. You can find the supplier site that you want and then start your shopify business.

Here are some features that you may refer to:

1. Easily import product: you can directly import supplier product to your shopify store by coping URLs to Shopmaster. It is super quickly and save you a lot of time on creating listing.

2.Order managerment: Shopmaster can sync the new order and then can direct you to purchase the source product, then handle the shipment on Shopmaster and sync to your store automatically.

3. Price and Inventory Monitor:  monitor the price and stock changes of products and sync to your Shopify shop.

4. Auto pricing rules:  automatically increase and form products price after importing to your shopify stores, then earn your money.

More important, you can use Shopmaster free starter plan without time limit and the starter plan is free forever!!   Welcom to experience and join it, Shopmaster aims at: save money and sell more. Just click here: Shopmaster .

Best Wishes for you and your business.

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Hi Debora, I recommend using InkSewn On Demand.

"A full featured design tool that allows you to decorate a variety of popular fashion products. We print, cut, sew, and fulfill your orders on demand.

Inksewn uses industry leading technology to offer high-quality printing on-demand. You can now offer your customers a wide variety of fashion-forward products customized with any designs your can think of. The inksewn design tool makes it easy to customize your products.


Most items are shipped via USPS and after an item is shipped, Standard delivery usually takes 2-5 days. Priority mail usually takes 2-3 days for delivery. All items are shipped with tracking so that you may keep up to date with the progress of your shipment.

Enjoy the simplicity of the Inksewn app that offers:

  • Automated Fulfillment
  • Simple product selection and management
  • Great margins
  • Automated payment processing
  • Sell for US-based or International merchants
  • A huge selection of fashionable apparel!

How it works:

Simply install this app into your Shopify store and choose which of our products you would like to place your design on and add to your store. You will be shown a wholesale price which is the price you pay for the product, simply add your margin and a title and description to the product.

Once you add the item to your store you can start marketing the product to your customers. When a product is purchased we will automatically fulfill the order for you and update your Shop with tracking information when the order is sent. We will charge the wholesale price to the credit card that you have on file with us anytime one of our products is sold in your store.


Each product has a wholesale cost, and you will pay that amount, which varies by product. Your profit is the difference between the price you set and the wholesale cost.

It is very simple, you create amazing customized products using our app and offer them to your customers, we handle the rest!"

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Hi Debora,

Jewerly is one of the great markets if it advertised well. Spocket is one of the best sources to find jewerly products on the Shopify platfrom. Spocket connects you with millions of Etsy sellers, the best source for finding high quality and handmade jewerly. You can download the app here:

Spocket on Shopify: http://bit.ly/2BJyLB4

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Deborah and Alissa,

If you are looking for suppliers in US and Europe, Spocket is allowing you to dropship from thousands of them. All the products are a least %30 discounted of the retail price and suppliers know that you are dropshipping their products.

Spocket would automatically add the invoice with your shop url and etc on it as well. you can download Spocket here on the Shopify app store:

Download Spocket here: https://app.bitly.com/Bhc4lGw9s4b/bitlinks/2BJyLB4
Let me know if you have othe questions.

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Hi Debora Adams!

My name is Kate and represent the Fashion Stories brand of fashion jewelry in the USA. We offer wholesale fashion jewellery collections at attractive prices with great mark ups. Here is our website: https://fashionstories.nyc. We have a stock of around 2500 items in New York and can ship items to any city in the USA within 3-5 days.

We also operate as a dropshipper via Modalyst and other platforms. 

Please drop me an email at kate@fashionstories.nyc if you are interested in fashion jewellery. 

Best, Kate


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Lots of great jewelry and accessories on ProductPro with free shipping!

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My name is Kate and I represent the Fashion Stories costume jewelry brand. We design and produce unique gold- and silver-plated necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and brooches for women. Here is our website with collections: https://fashionstories.nyc

We both drop ship and wholesale our collections. As a wholesaler we offer you a margin up to 180%, as a dropshipper - up to 80%. 

If you are interested, please leave your contact details here: https://fashionstories.nyc/pages/wholesale 



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We are Women and Girls Jewelry Store (in Silver 925, and silver gold plated)

We dropship from USA and our manufacture is in Dubai, Italy, Turkey and Brazil.

We also have wholesale prices. 

It will be a pleasure to work with you. 

Please if you have any question, just let us know info@bygalia.com


Kind regards