Looking for USA based dropshipper

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Hi, I am looking for USA based dropshipper, it can range from different product categories. Please email me and we can talk.

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Here's an app with a few hundred products and US based suppliers.


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Hey Nasgo,

Welcome to the world of drop shipping! Nice to have you here. I’ve been running a successful drop shipping business for over 3 years now. I remember being at the stage where you are now, looking for a supplier. When I started my search for a supplier, which also began in forums, others would suggest using a directory. However, in those days most directories charged membership fees and I had very little money at the time with no job or regular income.

Once my drop shipping business became successful, it required only a few hours of work each day to maintain. Therefore, to make use of my free time, I decided to build my own supplier directory. However, unlike others, the directory I built is completely free to use. In fact, you don’t even need to sign up or create an account. It’s an old-school publicly accessible directory with a wide selection suppliers. It’s also worthwhile pointing out that all of the suppliers were manually reviewed and approved before being listed in the directory.

I understand that you’re looking for USA based drop shipping suppliers that specialise in a range of categories, not just one category specifically. We have many different drop shippers from the USA specialising in various product categories.

If my directory sounds of use to you, be sure to check it out here: wholesalefrog.com

Another option is to contact wholesalers directly. I made the mistake of simply looking for drop shippers. Drop shipping isn’t a priority for most wholesalers. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t or can’t do it. Therefore, it’s worthwhile reaching out to wholesalers to ask them, even if they don’t make it clear on their website. You may be able to find a golden opportunity.

Alternatively you could just keep doing what you’re doing - studying and posting in forums. It’s the best way to find those little known suppliers that you could have otherwise missed. You never know what you might find.

All the best with your business!


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Hi, you can find some China supppliers who have US warehouse, and they provide a cheaper price. You can tr us.banggood , Chinabrands, or eBay.com, walmart.....there are more choice for suppliers. You can access to these suppliers sites by using ShopMaster tool. And it can also help to import these products to your Shopify store. You can get special member price for banggood and chinabrands, for they work well with ShopMaster.

ShopMaster allow you to import products from 30 sites in one clicking, rapidly create listing, monitor inventory and price changes. No need to worry about these issues. Auto order fulfillment can save you a lot of time, and with ShopMaster, you can manage your business in a efficient way and focus on more sales! Best Wishes.

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ShopMaster is not in the Shopify App store. There is a warning when you connect it to Shopify. ???

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Hi, Great question Nasgo, .

We’re also looking for more suppliers for our website, mobileiGo.com.  

Has anyone tried Salehoo.com to see if they have good deals in their directory?  They're supposed to have a full directory of 8000 wholesale/dropship suppliers of all kinds and 25 million products. We're thinking about giving them a try but want to get as much info as possible before trying.  Even though they offer a 60 day money back guarantee, we're just being thorough.

We’re also looking at trying Worldwide Brands. They claim to offer 10 million items and 1000s of "real" wholesale dropshippers. Has anyone tried them? Again, we’d really like to know as much info about these as possible before signing up.  Please let me know if you've had luck with these.  Good luck and thanks,


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Worldwide is not a drop shipper, it's a list/directroy of dropshippers. Nothing wrong with that however they will be the gatekeeper between you and the actual supplier. They also require an upfront payment and their site states that you need to provide a reason to cancel, but does not say they will let you cancel. I was looking at it but decided it was too much like a middleman for me. 

Analog Island was born out of a love for analog audio products. We also carry solid state digital and pro-audio gear but we really dig the warm, natural sound of analog audio!
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We are Women and Girls Jewelry Store (in Silver 925, and silver gold plated)

We dropship from USA and our manufacture is in Dubai, Italy, Turkey and Brazil.

We also have wholesale prices. 

It will be a pleasure to work with you. 

Please if you have any question, just let us know info@bygalia.com


Kind regards


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Hey Nasgo, great question...have you tried Salehoo to see if their wholesale supplier directory has what you're looking or? They offer 8000+ suppliers.  Good luck. 

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ShopMaster has not listed on Shopify store yet, but you can still use it. ShopMaster integrates with Shopify official API, and AliExpress dropshipping API, make everything automated.

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