Looking for USA dropship warehouses and suppliers.


Thank you for your inquiry. We are working on building an integration directly to Shopify. We currently have a direct integration with Amazon and eBay. For the time being you may export your products with all of the product data and upload them into your shopify store in bulk. You can manually import orders into your Source of Goods dashboard easily. Please email us if you have any questions at info@sourceofgoods.com!

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We do not ship based on customer request, we have over 2 million products available either in our warehouses, 3PL's, or vendows warehouses across the United States

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Hi @jed3! I'm Gabby from the Community Engagement team at Spocket.


Have you had the chance to take a look at our platform? Spocket easily installs and integrates with your Shopify store - upon installation, everything syncs from your store with the platform - importing products with their respective information and pricing, as well as the ordering process. In terms of the products you need, we actually have a dedicated filter for searching products by location, which you will see in the screenshot below:





So basically, choosing the USA for this filter will show you all of the products we have that will be shipping from the US, so searching for suppliers based in the US will be an easy process for you! I actually did a quick search in our catalog and I did come across quite a number of choices for the products you need for your store. Here are just some of them:




Well, do you think some of the items here suit your preferences? You can send a message to support@spocket.co to learn more about the products and their respective suppliers, or you can just head on over to Spocket's home page where you will see a live chat button on the bottom right section. Either method will connect you to a member of the Customer Support team who'd be glad to help you out!




Or if you wanna do the exploring yourself, you could opt to sign-up for free. We offer a 14-day free trial which would allow you to get a feel of how dropshipping works with Spocket. If you feel good about your business' future with us, you can choose any of the plans we offer. Here's a rundown of what each has to offer:



Let me know what you think!

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Click Here to see our membership
plans and sign up for a free 3 month trial membership!

We have full U.S. based customer support. Please let us know how we can be
of help!

Please let us know if you would like to schedule a site walk through.

You can read about our membership benefits here:
https://sourceofgoods.com/benefits.php and about our company here:

Source of Goods IS the premier one stop wholesale drop ship platform for you
to source goods to sell anywhere in the e-commerce ecosphere.

We offer several valuable benefits to our lucky clients:

* Drop Ship MILLIONS of brand name US based products in 21 main
categories and thousands of subcategories
* Goods priced at wholesale and you don't pay for an item until you
make a sale.
* We facilitate all shipping and logistics for each order.
* We integrate to Amazon Seller Central and eBay.
* Every order placed by your customer will reflect on the Source of
Goods platform and conversely reflect a lower quantity of the item
* Our items are as well eligible to be offered anywhere in the US
e-commerce universe via manual (bulk csv) downloads of the product
information from source of goods and uploads back to source of goods with
the order information.
* 100% U. S. based Customer Service Support


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How much toi want to buy?
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I am also looking for USA drop-ship company  i do have Oberlo and Aliexpress. Aliexpress takes almost a month to ship products. Although sometimes they have USA warehouse. Not always the product is in USA warehouse. Aliexpress you can find variety and many suppliers for cheaper price. I am a new owner and offer to refund for couple of orders since it took so long to fulfill.   While EBAY and Amazon does it in two days and/or within a week.  That is a real disadvantage. Plus it takes soo long to take care of problems with Ali. The customer service is only reachable through emails mostly.  Banggood  I was able to ship within 15 days with us priority mail. You can also chat with a live person and they have been helpful.  Hopefully after the pandemic  it may be better. I am hopeful. I am still continuously searching for  good USA drop-shippers.

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Those options do not appear on my search results



SOURCE OF GOODS IS very excited to announce the complete revamping of our
Integrations Page and Amazon Export Page.

For anyone who had difficulty setting up their eBay or Amazon integrations
and product exports, the new instructions and formatting are clear and easy
to follow!

Check them out here:




Some of the recommended dropshipping supplier apps. 


https://apps.shopify.com/drophippo (USA and UK)


https://apps.shopify.com/dropcommerce (USA & Canada)


https://apps.shopify.com/productpro (USA)


https://apps.shopify.com/winning-products (Unsaturated Drop Shipping product)


https://apps.shopify.com/dropnshop (France)


https://apps.shopify.com/syncee-1 (USA/EU/AU)


https://apps.shopify.com/dripshipper (USA Coffee)


https://apps.shopify.com/apparelpop (Apparel Dropship)


https://apps.shopify.com/my-online-fashion-store (USA Fashion)


https://apps.shopify.com/beardsy (HairCare Dropshipper)


https://apps.shopify.com/ultimate-shield (USA Christian Products)

https://apps.shopify.com/pet-app (USA Pet Products)

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