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I am looking for a website to sell steakhouse quality beef off of my family farm.  The meat will vary in cuts, such as: steaks, roasts, hamburger, etc.  We are licensed to ship meat throughout the United States, but due to expense will most likely only be able to ship to the continental U.S.  Please let me know if you are interested!

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Something to throwout is selling your steakhouse quality beef to foodtrucks. Have a link titled "Foodtrucks" or "Distributors" on your site and a page that describes your product and how they can start cooking and selling your product . I would even go as far as providing the foodtruck marketing material where customers can find our where the vendor purchased the meat and how they can purchase as well. Just throwing ideas out if that helps. Also, I have been looking with no luck on how I can distribute perishable pre-packaed foods as well. What are the steps needed to do something like this, especially the distribution part ie, Who does the shipping for items like this? Any information will help. email me @ thecommemorativeproject.com or if you need help in creating a site from one of shopify's Free templates.