Looking for a Drop-shipper (Game and Comic merchandise)

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As I stated in the topic I am looking for a dropshipper or supplier of Action Figures, Collectibles, Jewelry and other items based on video games and comic books.

Any help would be amazing. I have spent a week looking and can not seem to find anyone. Everyone I find is a wholeseller that refuses to ship to the customer. Would not be that bad if I lived in a biger place or had room to keep inventory sadly I live in a one bedroom apartment room is a bit..Constricted. Anyway thank you all for any help you provide!

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Hi Christopher,

It can be pretty tough finding dropshippers that sell the goods you're looking for, there's no denying that! However, I've done some digging myself, and I was able to rustle up some links that you may find interesting. 

Worldwide Brands is a pretty famous list of dropshippers from all corners of the globe, with many many categories. It is a paid website, but you do get a free preview. Might be worth a look: http://www.worldwidebrands.com/?kbid=31755 ;

I also found a website called Drophip Toys. They don't have an extensive offering, but they do dropship some toy trucks, and iSafe backpacks: http://www.dropshiptoys.com/

Finally, there is a website called eSources that offers links to dropshippers. Here is the link for action figure dropshippers based in the US: http://www.esources.co.uk/search-international-suppliers/action%20figures/United-States/

Please keep in mind that these are just options that I found online, and by no means am I, a Shopify employee, endorsing the use or legitimacy of these websites :). What you could do for the other search queries you have is use an allintext search in Google.

In the Google search field, type in "allintext:jewelry dropship" and you'll get a healthy number of results returned. Or, you could use one of the dropship supplier lists that I linked above to find a supplier for the other products you're looking for! I hope I helped a little. Best of luck in your search!

Best Regards,

Chris D