Looking for a dropshipper to sell hand-made niche product

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Hi all,

I need help finding the right people interested in selling my hand-made niche product related to games online. I'm based in the Netherlands and capable of shipping globally. Does anyone know other communities to find sellers as a supplier? Or is anyone here interested in becoming an official partner and finally finding your niche to make some sales? 


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Hey Arcade, 


I came across your post and was wondering about the specifics of your niche.


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Hi there!

Have you looked into listing your products on a dropshipping marketplace? For example, at Modalyst we connect suppliers -- like yourself -- to a massive network of online merchants. It sounds like there could be some alignment as we have a section on Modalyst dedicated to independent, unique products, many of which are niche. If you're interested in learning more, please email our Supplier guru at jose@modalyst.co. If you have more general questions, you should feel free to email our Support team at team@modalyst.co.

We'd be thrilled to help in whatever manner possible!