Looking for new brands/suppliers based in Europe - All home & living products including accessories, textiles, decor & furnishing

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Requirements -

- Offering a full collection/range of home/living products (at least 30 products)

- Professional high resolution images of all products including lifestyle photos

- Must be able to fulfil mixed wholesale orders exceeding €5000 within 10 working days (within Europe)


We are looknig for new brands to offer the online partners we have spread across Europe. We are looking to create regular orders for the right brands/products.

Please send through your reccomendations and website links.



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Have you had luck finding a good dropship wholesale supplier for Europe?

I'm always looking or "The Right" supplier(s) too.  I've sourced a few decent suppliers for our site mobileiGo.com but still feel we haven't found The One. We did find a couple of our suppliers on Wholesale Central, but I had to really search hard through a bunch of junk retail sites that are pretending to be 'wholesalers.'  It was very time consuming.

I did come across and am considering trying the following supposedly dedicated wholesale dropshippers, Salehoo and Worldwide Brands. Salehoo claims to have 8000 plus vetted dropshippers with definitely some in or shipping to Eruope, as you're looking for. Worldwide Brands claims to offer 10 million items and 1000s of "real" wholesale dropshippers that also service international locations, including Europe.  

Again, I can't vouch for these directly. We already have a few suppliers that are okay so I have not jumped on any others. But I am considering trying these  to add to our selection of mobile and electronics products at mobileiGo.com. If you or anyone else tries one or both of these, I'd love to hear how the experience is and whether the pricing is actually wholesale.  

I hope this helps, and good luck to you!


Ben and Your Friends at https://mobileiGo.com
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email us if still searching or the suppliers. We currently run female fashion dropsship platform, but can add  home/living products. Based in europe




Hi @Xplort 

China suppliers with fast shipping to EU ok? 

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