Looking for quality drop shipping products

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Hi Matt,

I might be able to hit your unusual, quirky and good quality criteria!

I design trendy, stylish camera backpacks for the everyday photographer. No more looking like a tourist with your camera bag. The bags can also be used as an everyday bag or gym bag as all the compartments inside are removable.

No MOQ, quality product as the product is mine and I oversaw the whole manufacturing process. Vegan leather. My inventory is based in Sydney, Australia handled by professional 3PL fulfillment company. We use DHL or Australia Post for shipping which can take 5-10 business days.

At the moment I carry 1 Style, 2 colours.

Shipping is reliable and fast within Australia.

Check out the bags here: www.nomoreuglycamerabags.com

Email me: tina@nomoreugly.co


Tina G

We will be launching in 2 months a robust powerful dropship platform on www.sourceofgoods.com. 

Source of Goods aims to become the premier one stop wholesale drop ship platform for you to source goods to sell anywhere in the e-commerce ecosphere.


We offer several valuable benefits to our lucky clients:

  • Drop-Shipped MILLIONS of brand name US based products in 20 main categories and thousands of subcategories
  • Goods will be priced at wholesale and you don’t pay for an item until you make a sale. 
  • We will facilitate all shipping and logistics for each order. 
  • We will integrate to Amazon Seller Central and eBay. 
  • Every order placed by your customer will reflect on the Source of Goods platform and conversely reflect a lower quantity of the item available.
  • Our items will as well be eligible to be offered anywhere in the US e-commerce universe via manual (bulk csv) uploads of the products on source of goods and uploads back to source of goods with the order information.
  • Customer Service Support

Our website is currently under construction. In about a months’ time we will be launching to select testers to test the functionality of our web site. In two months’ time we will go live to the public. We are very excited to be exhibiting at the IRCE show in Chicago at the end of June.

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Greetings Matt,


I would like to introduce and suggest my coffee mug collection.  The "Great Nations & Cities Mug" collection is creating a mug

for every continent, nation and many of their most popular cities.  Please visit my site and let answer any questions you might have.




Allen Kimble, Jr.




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We are leading apparel manufacturers and exporters in India. Pls contact us @ http://bit.ly/2IQJdxr

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Greetings Matt,


I am the sole creator, designer and owner of several brands and hundreds of icon and

images  that are impressed upon a wide range of popular consumer goods.  An example of 

our product line is the "Great Nations & Cities Mug" collection.  It features  

unique design for the Continents, the Nations and many famous Cities.


Because of our endangered ecology, the world is rediscovering the practicality of reusable 

ceramic coffee mug once again.  "Because life is too short to drink coffee from an ugly mug", 

we've designed our own beautiful line of mugs. Drop-shippers and Affiliate inquires are

welcome. https://pugonarockclub.leaddyno.com/


I would be very happy to inform you more about our product sourcing for drop-shippers.   




A. Kimble, Jr.   pugonarockbaristaclub.com

Pugona Rock Club 





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hello,I am leslie.  We can ship your goods worldwide from China.
Here's what we can do for you:
3-month free storage for each shipment
free Shopify integraton--making tracking and uploading order information more easier
varied shipping lines including postal services&dedicated lines&commercial express
customer service within 1 hour
brand services--sourcing packages&reinforcement&gift cards etc

@Matt_Farra wrote:

Hi there

I am looking for quality products from various categories to feature in my new store.

I am based in Canada but I will have representatives in the USA and UK.

I don't want to give too much away at this point but if you have quirky, unusual or good quality everyday products that you would be able to dropship then I would love to hear from you and I will be more than happy to explain my concept further. 

Please leave your contact details in the comments box below.



Hello @Matt_Farra 


Please have a look at the below supplier to source the best products for your store. 


SaleHoo — Members-only database of 8,000+ suppliers


Spocket — A Shopify database app with good reviews


Wholesale2B — Versatile supplier and dropshipping hub


Inventory Source — Timesaving dropshipping automation tool


Dropified — Popular Shopify app for AliExpress



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Hi @Matt_Farra! Gabby here from the Community Engagement team at Spocket.


It's been around 3 years since you posted this but given that there are recent replies, I'm gonna take the opportunity to make suggestions.


Regardless of what items you're looking for and where you're planning on shipping to, if you want products that are only of topnotch and exceptional quality that can be shipped in variants of 1-3 days, 3-5 days, or 4-7 days, then I'd like to invite you to check Spocket out! The platform gives you access to products with the criteria I mentioned, that come from suppliers from mainly the EU and the US, some other parts like Canada as well. Given your set-up, I think it'd benefit your store greatly.




You can learn more about the app and the many features it can offer you by heading on over to Spocket's official website!

Source of Goods, www.sourceofgoods.com
currently offers 2 million products ALL IN THE U.S.A. available to dropship
and integrates with Amazon Seller Central and eBay