Looking to start Drop Shipping in UK, anyone else just work from UK suppliers?

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I'm not new to internet run businesses and have looked in the past but I have never actully done any drop shipping.  This would be a completely new venture.

I've seen a lot of people DS from China but wwhat I want to know is this feasable completely UK based?.. are there any others that successfully do this?

I see lots of info and guides on here which is great but are these at all releant for the UK too? Everything I ever research on YouTube etc is always very Amercanised and I never know whether these methods can be adapted or work in the UK?

Thanks for reading :)


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Hey Steve,

Aria here, one of the Social Care Gurus are Shopify. :)

You can definitely run a successful dropshipping business based in the UK. There are a few things worth considering. 

Oberlo is one of our most popular apps used for dropshipping from China. This Oberlo blog post specifically addresses dropshipping to the UK. If you do decide to go with Oberlo, I would recommend using Google Chrome and installing the Oberlo Chrome Extension. This allows you to browse directly on Aliexpress.com for your products and quickly import them to your store via the Oberlo app. To see how it works, check out this YouTube video.

If you do decide to source your products from China, I would recommend only selling products that ship with ePacket. ePacket is a much faster shipping method than standard shipping with China Post. I did check for you to ensure it is now available to the UK, which it is. This blog post explains more about that. When you search for a product on Aliexpress, you can see at a glance which products have ePacket as an option and which do not: 

Of course, you do have other options. Modalyst has UK based suppliers. If you wanted a company to print and dropship t-shirts and other products for you, Inkthreadable and Streetshirts are both based right in the UK. Printify is also able to dropship certain products from the UK. Keep an eye on our app store here as we have new suppliers joining us all the time.

You are welcome to take out a free trial if you'd like to try out any of our apps and have a go at building a store. We are always here if you need the support. 

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WOW Perfect reply!! Thank you so much for such a detailed and spot on answer. My main concern was I didn't want to fall in the 'shipping from China' trap as I can see this causing me problems and getting a bad rep early on for long shipping times etc. But you have given me options to look at which is great, I will get reading! If I can also find UK based suppliers that will still be worthwhile and give me usable margins that would be great too. I realise how cheap China can be though.

I'm sure I will be asking more questions but that's enough reading to get me started!

Thanks again,

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Hey Steve,

I'm from the UK and have been dropshipping over 10 years now. I have a furniture store which is supplied by a UK dropship supplier too. They ship within 48 hours and also over express delivery within 24 hours.

I also have a POD store selling tshirts the US and UK.

If you're looking for UK suppliers have a look in my Supplier directory. It's mainly US suppliers with a few UK suppliers. Also if you drop me a message and let me know what you're looking for we can keep a look out for you and notify you if we find a supplier suitable for you. This is a free directory as we know it's difficult at the beginning financially


Best regards


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I am into fashion, wedding and party outfits for men and women.

I tried spocket but they do not have suppliers from UK or Europe that can provide the kind of products I want. I also do not want ALI EXPRESS.

The other downside is there is no option to transport CSV or XML files. So how do we drop ship in Europe using any of these apps?


Some of the UK Suppliers to Start Dropshipping Business. 


CompaniesCategories of ProductsLocation
Activ8Phone AccessoriesUK
Football SouvenirsFootball&Sports AccessoriesUK
Republic of MusicMusicUK
Power BodyHealthUK
Geko ProductsHome DecorUK
Funny Gift ShopGiftsUK
Fashion DropshippersFashionUK
Dropship ClothesClothingUK
Clothes 2 orderClothingUK
Party ChapParty AccessoriesUK
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Hi Steve, did you find any good uk suppliers?

I'm looking for home decor (I've found products on AliExpress but the delivery time is too long to the UK) so any tips welcome!

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Hi @Steve58, this is Larry from the Spocket team here!

Looks like you’re looking for UK suppliers for your dropshipping business. Let me help you out! Have you heard of Spocket? Spocket is a platform designed to enable dropshippers to source products from US/EU-based suppliers. 

Some of the other benefits of Spocket include:

  • Fast shipping (usually about 3 - 5 days on average)

  • Blind shipping, meaning that the orders will be sent in neutral packaging. The only thing included in the package is your branded invoice from select suppliers!
  • A rapidly growing product catalogue, so there will always be products to choose from

Spocket offers a free trial, so if you want to try out all these features risk-free, follow the link here. One supplier that is based in the UK who has a great supplier score is Gold Jasper, you should check them out on Spocket!

Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 4.14.23 PM.png

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Thank you but there are no UK suppliers for what I want, which means I'm still looking at 15-30 days for shipping in the same way I would for AliExpress :-(

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Hello Dan, 

I would please kindly like to know UK Furniture Dropshipper like you mentioned in your response, you spoke about one that has very quick delivery time frame. Could you kindly give me information of the furniture dropshippers in the UK, this will be greatly appreciated as I have been after such. Many thanks