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Hello, i go here with my problem. My store (www.sangoola.com) have very small traffic (15-40) Sessions and 0 sales. I don't know why.. I started a Facebook & Instagram Ads with good audience ( Travel, Fishing, Hiking, Camping). I don't know where is the problem. Any Help please?
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hi @StanleyB

It's a nice product, but do you really think it's a good idea to use the product page as a homepage?

Before acquiring traffic, you need to optimize your store to welcome visitors first. Only when it's ready to convert visitors into customers should you think about how to acquire more visitors.

I suggest you run through this conversion rate optimization checklist. These are the essential preparation you need to optimize your store for conversion:


- Tips to optimize website loadspeed: academy.pagefly.io/how-to-speed-up-website

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Hi @StanleyB 

First, to get more traffic, I think you should try SEO( Search Engine Optimization), this is an effective and low-cost method to get more visitors to your store. If you do not know how to do SEO, our website Avada Commerce with many SEO guides would help you.

Second, after get more traffic sessions, to increase sales you should optimize your conversion rates(CRO), So what is conversion rates and how to optimize it? This article about conversion rates would help you.

Hope it's useful for you.

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Hello @StanleyB 


Use product videos in the description. 

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