Luxury clothing line is seeking for investor or partner

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Hi everyone, I am with Empire Streetyle.

Founded in 2013 in New York City, Empire Street Style debuted as a lifestyle blog with the mission of helping people to Do Better, Live Better and Dress Better. Empire Street Style has since grown and become a leader in the fashion and lifestyle industry by realizing its true potential of reaching individuals throughout the world.

The principal owner is GuerbyJoseph whose title is CEO and who has many years of experience in business management, fashion design, and graphic design

At this time we are seeking additional capital to complete our inventory. We hope to have a full and sellable collection within one month of finalizing our financing arrangements. To help create traffic, Empire Street Style partners with professional writers, fitness experts and fashion bloggers to bring its readers timeless tips on business, fitness, and fashion in an easy-to-navigate website at Empire Street Style.

Within the next few years, Empire Street Style will grow to become a champion in the fashion and lifestyle industry, we will be known as the go to website for any subjects relate to fashion and fitness as well as for superior quality and uniquely designed fashion garments and accessories. That will help set the standard in our market.

For more info, please email me if anyone is interested on partenering or investing with us.

Thank you!