Managing wholesale account and online stores that want to dropship your product...

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We have a store and manufacture and ship our own product. We have steady direct sales from our website but are now beginning to take on wholesale retail accounts and allow some other online stores to sell our product as well. I'm trying to figure out the best way to manage that process and still keep all of the sales and data going through our Shopify dashboard so that we can keep track of and manage our process. 

The few scenarios we're encountering are:

A store wants to set up an account and order bulk.

Another website puts up our product > sells it > sends us the sale and shipping info > we send back the tracking confirmation


Apologies if this is a naive question, but we're new to the game. Any help would be appreciated. 

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Shopify doesn't allow you to manually enter customer orders--so no app will ever be able to provide dropshipping through shopify (my partially informed understanding).

A few solutions include:

- password protecting a portion of your site for people who want to make wholesale orders

- set up a separate store for wholesale buyers

Or what I've settled on:

I have my customers set up dropship applications on their ecommerce stores that notify me via email when orders for my products are placed on their site. Most shopping carts have an app that does this. Then I charge the dropshipper's credit card via my merchant gateway(Braintree) and manually enter their order in to ShipStation to manage the shipping.

Of course, there are other possible solutions...but I'm happy with mine.



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thanks for the reply Sachin. it seems strange that this platform can't handle something that seems relatively common. alas, what to do? 

I'll explore the workarounds that you proposed and see if they can work for us. Much appreciated. 



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Alejandro, Shopify doesn't yet (as of today) have an API to create orders in your store. So, no app will be able to automatically create an order in your Shopify account. 

Are your wholesalers also selling via Shopify stores?

Have you considered setting up a wholesale Shopify store exclusively for your wholesalers. And ask them to manually place orders through it? It's not going to be fully automatic, but you'll at least have all the information in one place.

Another option is to ask them to email you a CSV file with all the order information and then load that into your shipping / order management system (assuming you are using one).

I'm familiar with this workflow because we (Ordoro shipping / dropshipping app) have a few customers who have set up a similar workflow the way I described above. Automated Dropshipping, Easy Shipping Labels (USPS, Fedex, UPS) and Powerful Inventory Management for Shopify stores
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I use to funnel all of my orders in.  They link with shopify and other commerce sites (I use Etsy) at the same time and automatically adjust your inventory for you.  And they link with ShipStation so you don't have to manually enter orders.  Pretty happy with them so far.

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Thanks Taya for the recommendation!

If you choose to open two separate Shopify stores, you can link them both to Stitch and manage your inventory centrally.

Customers are very pleased with Stitch, particularly the ability to bring together all of their sales in one place, and analyze them for each channel as well as across channels or to compare wholesale and B2C sales.

- Bridge

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Please, Please, and Thank You, Thank You, 

Our compnay has grown far past our exectations due to Shopify and Stitch, your programs reduce the barriers to being a bussiness owner by provideing solid business structure to anyone with a clue of what to sell; but no clue how to start. You are amazing a change makers in the world! We are so thankful for such wonderful programs that make being manufacturer and a seller possible. We are still as small compnay but your products have extended our sales reach all the way around the world, so that other parts of our buisness such as wholesale and retail sales are now far exceeding our website sales. We sell to several websites that resell our products on their website but want us to ship on the final order. We need Shopify or Stitch to come up with a workable solution to take in these types of orders, at the very least provide a way to properly catogorize them for the type of sale. We want to stay with both Shopify and Stitch, but if we are not given a resonable solution to this sales opertunity we will need to look to a new platforms. Of couse this is very sad considering that we wouldn't be in this situation had it not been for your amazing companies. 


All the best!

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Hi Josh,

Just to make sure I understand what you are looking for:

1.  Wholesale & retail orders are placed with your business (via phone, email?)

2.  You need to create the order

3.  You need to keep your inventory in sync between all these channels and your Shopify store

4.  You need to ship all orders out

If I understood correctly, then you may want to check out Ordoro.  We allow you to create orders in Ordoro, ship them out since we are directly integrated to USPS, UPS, and Fedex, and when you create these orders we will automatically deduct the inventory on hand and keep your Shopify store in sync.

One thing to note though, is that we don't allow you to collect payment for orders created in Ordoro (due to PCI compliance) - we assume that you take care of that with your wholesalers separately.  

If you want to find out more don't hesitate to reach out.

Congrats on your growth!

Naruby Automated Dropshipping, Easy Shipping Labels (USPS, Fedex, UPS) and Powerful Inventory Management for Shopify stores
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Hi Alejandro & Josh,

I would encourage you guys to checkout

Our Wholesale Portal allows you to create your own web store within Lettuce just for your wholesale buyers. After your buyers place their orders, you can then log into your Lettuce account and process these orders with a few clicks. 

No longer to your wholesale buyers have to email, phone or fax in their orders. They can now conveniently order from you 24/7.

We also integrate directly with FedEx, UPS and USPS ( so we can assist with all your shipping needs.

In addition, we have a great integration with Shopify that allows you to do the following effortlessly:

- automatically push Shopify orders into QuickBooks as invoices

- automatically generate/print shipping labels, packing slips and invoices 

- automatically mark orders as fulfilled in Shopify

- option to sync inventory between Shopify and QuickBooks

Learn more here: