Manufacturers refusing to "allow" you to sell their products

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Hey guys,

So I've been trying to source our dropship suppliers for certain products on a particular niche. I know the product brands that I need to get into my store however when I contact the manufacturer to see if they are able to provide me with a list of their wholesale distributors I usually get one of these responses:


  • We currently have enough online retailers so we won't be allowing you to sell our products
  • Your website isn't up and running yet therefore we cannot confirm your authenticity (Which is reasonable because they don't want tire kickers - but how do you get the store open when they won't even direct you to the guys that can sell you the products)
  • The classic .... no response whatsoever

I'm sure people have ran into these issues, how did you overcome these?




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Well they obviously see the needs met and may be feel the market could become oversaturated. You may want to right up a prospectus of sorts, explaining how you intend to increase sales of their products where these others are comfortable with the level they are at..bottom line if you have good business plan to present to them you look professional, serious, stable and they may see they will make more money, worth a shot.

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What country are you in? In Aus that would be restriction of trade an you can always drop that line in if your country has similar laws.

You may be able to find another country that will supply to you also and they'll usually want to sign you up as they will miss in county revenue.

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Here is what I would do to get a manufacturer to cooperate, especially with an empty site

Do some research on the manufacturer and find out who there #1 competitor is. Curate and fill out your store with only the competitors items. Tell them that you are interested in selling their product on your store, then send them a link to your homepage that has all of their competitors products on it. Once they see that you are selling only their competitor, they'll want to jump in and grab a share. 

An example would be if I had a e-commerce store that sold cellphones. If would fill my store up with only Android products everywhere (make featured banners if you have the design resources) then shoot Apple an email saying that I sell cellphones, and would like to carry the iPhone. Tell them that your customers have been asking for them and that you'd like a distributor list.

That should hopefully work or get the conversation started.

Good luck!