Margin Share Pricing & Discount Savings Card

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Shopify Community - we are looking feature and/or app that solves for the following use case(s).  Appreciate any insight for the community.  Thank you.


  • Our store is offering Product A with a unit cost of $100 for a retail sale price of $140 ($40 profit margin).
  • We have two customer groups A) Retail Group B) Private Group. 

Feature 1: Dynamic Pricing Based on Pre-Configured Product Margin Share

  • Product A is configured to dynamically set the price at 0% margin share for the Retail Group ($140) and 50% margin share for Private Group ($120). 
    • Retail Members see Product A for full price ($140).
    • Private Group members see Product A listed for full price ($140), as well, with additional text that reads "$20 in savings available".

Feature 2: Discount Savings Card To Access Savings (not Gift Cards, not Discount Codes)

  • Private Group members are virtually issued individual discount cards with varying denominations.  The discount card provides the user access to the "$20 in savings available", expires in 12 months and can be used across multiple orders.  For example, the Private Group shopper has $500 discount card.  The Private Group customer choose Product A and applies their discount card at checkout.  The customer credit card is charged for $120 and their $500 discount card is reduced by $20.  Leaving $480 in savings available for future use.