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I am looking for an application that can fully automate my orders between my Shopify store and my vendor's stores (90% of my vendors are on Shopify, the rest are on Etsy / Magento). Not just a syncing tool but a full automation tool.


I need a platform that will:

- sync inventory from my suppliers websites (Shopify, Etsy, magento) to my website (Shopify) 
- maintain same inventory levels 
- automate order to vendors (and in the case of multiple vendor's products in 1 order - for the platform to automatically split and send each order + info to the corresponding vendor / 3PL) 
- automate payment split between me and my supplier (I get my commission % automatically and my vendor gets there's automatically)
- automate shipping label to supplier 
- keep track / records of orders / analytics 
Any help would be much appreciated, thank you !
- Margaret

Hi @Marandria 


We recommend creating a Job in Shopify Experts Community.  You will get some help. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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My 3pl did all of this for me. They do all the order processing for my dropship clients. (Im a bulk buyer and distributor)

Highlighted Fully automated order processing! A member signed up yesterday and made a sale on Amazon. He called me and asked: "Help, I got a sale, what do I do?" I told him you do NOTHING!! The orders are fully automated!!