Meeting US stuffed goods requirements

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Hi there, I'm outside the US and plan on selling home decor items, including decorative pillows. I've discovered that for stuffed goods some US states have specific product labelling laws (called Law Labels I believe) and manufacturer registration requirements (Unified Registry Number)), including pillows, which certainly makes a lot of sense. This seems to apply to foreign companies with US retail stores or import partners. Registration costs can run into a couple of thousand dollars to register however, which is way beyond my business at this stage. If anyone has knowledge on this, my question is, does a business outside the US selling stuffed goods online to US customers also need to register in the US? The labelling laws for stuffed goods apply to pretty much anything you can recline on. An option is for me to just sell the pillow covers as I wouldn't want my stuffed pillows to be stopped at the border. All help gratefully appreciated. 


I've reached out to some government offices and business advise services but I haven't managed to resolve this question yet. 


Thanks for reading :),