Modalyst - how do shipping charges work??

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Hi there,

I'm a new customer for Modalyst dropshipping.  

Question #1

I am using 2 different suppliers via Modalyst... Supplier #1 charges $4 for shipping and Supplier #2 charges $7.75 for shipping... According to shopify, I have to get a shopify add-on (ccs) @ $20 / mo PLUS a shipping app @ $15 / mo ... So, according to Shopify Support, I need to spend $35 / month to assign 2 different shipping costs per 2 different dropshippers... Is there a different way to do this?


Question #2

How does the modalyst dropshipper get paid shipping charges?  is it just automatically deducted at the time of purchase ie, they get their cut PLUS shipping charge?



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Any thoughts on these? I'm curious as well.

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Hi Elizabeth,

Although I'm not sure how Modalyst works, I can tell you how dropshipping with Spocket works. 

Spocket is offering wide range of products from suppliers around the world, focusing on suppliers in US/Europe. Products are high quality and ready to sell. Shipping is very fast for products on Spocket and the entire process is automated as well. 

Products on Spocket are offered with flat rate shipping, that means you can add the price of shipping to the cost of item, and offer flat rate shipping to all of your customers. Please read this short article:

You can download Spocket here:

Let me know if you have other questions.





You can also have a look at Dropshipmate  shopify app where you can find a list of Supplier sites like  Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Dhgate,Aliexpress,Alibaba and 15+ etc where you can find a low cost shipping products and  in some of the sites like Aliexpress they provides free shipping for most of the products...


By using Dropshipmate you can set your own price rules according to your price margins. You can find your  products  and can import easily into your shopify store.You can enable auto-sync update feature which helps to update your store products automatically. It also provides semi-automated order fulfillment option  which helps you to place order easily with a single click.

All the Best...

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