Multiple Drop Shippers, API, customization and limitations

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Can someone please confirm whether we can API into Shopify from multiple drop shippers/sources? We have multiple suppliers who will drop ship for us and we need product, image and other info to be drawn from these 3rd party sites. 

Furthermore, can we add our own product/inventory (not from 3rd party) as well as API from 3rd party dropshipping parties at the same time within our Shopify site?

Also, once all of the 3rd party info is loaded onto our Shopify site, can we customize this info to our liking? For example, alter the product description on a product and then add buttons next to that item to upsell a complementary product which is being provided by a different dropshipper with info and images being sourced via API?

Finally, is there a limit as to how many items we can leverage from our dropshippers via API? There are thousands of items we would like to pull from their websites to add onto our Shopify website via API.

I'm not well-versed in coding or API, so if someone can please provide answers to these questions in simple terms, that would be great.


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Check out, they can build an integration to your dropshippers if they do not already have one and then import the product data into their site and from there connect to the shopify API to send product to your store or stroefronts. Check them out, as i think they can help you.