Need Crowdfunding for my situation

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Dear Shopify Community,

I launched my business 7 months ago, Mint Ultimate. It has become globally known as selling the best frisbee gloves in the world. I am going to be releasing arguably the most important piece of gear that all frisbee players needs but don't have, and my designers and I came up with a unique design that is specifically for frisbee (I cannot say which gear it is).

I need to raise $60,000 USD for the stock order, but I am afraid to crowdfund. I want to give my competitors the least amount of time possible to copy and counter. I should have a prototype ready by October to November 2015. I want to place the order sometime in November-December so the factories can have it out by March-April 2016.

Getting a loan is not easy for me, since I am just 22 and the startup is launched 7 months ago with no property to sign on. I would prefer a loan of course. Not invesment. 

Now the question is, WHEN do you think I should start this crowdfunding campaign, if at all?



Atlas Prime - President, Mint Ultimate