Need Help In Fixing Shipping Rates

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Hi members!


I've just set up my first Shopify online store with a dropshipper located in the USA.


However, I am stuck with fixing the Shipping Rates  This is what I was provided from the dropshipper with regards to how they charged for shipping directly to my customers.

- For all wholesale and dropship shipments, our shipping fee is calculated from the standard carrier charges and a small handling fee. - Deliveries shipped via the USPS are calculated using the formula of :Carrier Charge x .95 + $3.00 = AzureGreen Shipping Charge

For example, $6.95 x .95 + $3.00 = shipping charges of $9.60

- Deliveries shipped via UPS are calculated on the following formula: Carrier charges + $3.00 = Total Shipping Charges.

- Deliveries shipped via FedEx are calculated on the following formula: Carrier charges x .70 + $3.00 = Total Shipping Charges.


So, to the experienced members who had encountered similar situations before of this nature, how should I fix USA Domestic and International Shipping Rates to the Rest of the world without over or undercharging my customers?


Any and all recommendations or suggestions would be most welcome by this newbie. I simply cannot open my store without fixing this problem first. I'm in a real bind. Please help!

Thanking you in advance!