Need Print On-demand Supplier— MUST USE COMFORT COLORS

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I’ve been using Amazon print on-demand services, but have found their stock T-shirts aren’t the high end quality I’m looking for and their available colors are extremely limited.

Consequently, I’d like to move to Shopify with a print on-demand vendor using Comfort Colors products.

However, I’ve been unsuccessful finding any here. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

Kind regards, Allison

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Hi Allison, 

Nick here from Shopify. 

Great question. I haven't heard or come across Comfort Color as a vendor personally. What I will do is share the most popular/ common print on demand apps in the Shopify app store with you. Your best bet then is to take a look at each one and see if they have Comfort Colors directly or if none of them do, then to find one where you find the quality up to your standard and ok to use. Let's take a look at some of them below:

There is no direct Amazon Print on Demand app but it could also be worth looking into the Amazon Fulfillment side of things to see if you can connect your products to your store that way enabling you to keep Comfort Colors as your POD supplier. Shopify has a couple of help guides which you might find useful that you can see here and here

Hopefully, you can find something that works for you above whether it is a POD app or through Amazon fulfillment. Don't hesitate to ask should you have any other questions. 

All the best, Nick

Let me know if you've found this helpful and by hitting solved.
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Hi, Nick,

I’d alread checked into Printful and Printify before posting. One doesn’t carry the Comfort Colors brand and the other indicated I should add a feature request ... then I did some digging and found that people have been asking them for Comfort Colors for two years, so they aren’t responding to their clients I’m bailing on them. (I’ve heard from others that their production quality can be spotty, and this is a major red flag.)

I also searched for print on-demand vendor apps on Shopify, and got around 132 results. I then started going through each of their sites including (Kite and Teelaunch) to try to discover which might carry the Comfort Colors brand, but stopped after around 25 and posted to the forum instead. The idea of searching another 100 or so sites was daunting, and I suspected I probably wasn’t the only one to run into this problem.

I’m still hoping a print on-demand vendor app will pop-up for the Comfort Colors brand. If I can’t find one, it’ll be a serious buzzkill.

You’re right on target with where I wanted to go with my existing Amazon presence. I want to keep my hand in that cookie jar, but extend my market reach and products with Shopify. I’ve got pretty well-defined ideas, so the links you recommended are welcome reading.

Thanks for your time and the information you’ve shared ... if you come up with any other great ideas, I’m all ears. 

Warm regards,

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