Need a solution for for our wholesalers, order creation and sending invoices via QB

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Hi team,

We operate a clothing company and our gear is fufilled by a partner in Toronto. The orders get fufilled when an order is created in Shopify. For our retailers, we have been taking their orders, putting them into Shopify, and then when we get the cost of the shipping from our partners, issuing an invoice through QuickBooks. 

What we would like is a way for our Retailers to go on to our store, place an order at wholesale raters, submit the order without submitting payemnt (we use net 30), have the order created in Shopify (so that it gets to fufillment), and then have that order created as an invoice in QB. 

Does anyone have any suggestions? We recently tried OrderCircle, and they are great but they don't actually create the order in Shopify automatically so the order doesn't get fufilled until we manually enter it in Shopify. 

Any help would be great.



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