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Backup Manager:

  1. Avoid time with automated, secure backups of content of your store.
  2. Backup manager stores the backup at the place you like.
  3. Backup manager saves products & product variations, customers, orders, articles, collections and complete theme.
  4. The ability to restore any deleted item or items, or your content of store, instantly feel you secure.

check this link : " https://apps.shopify.com/backupmanager "


Automatic Backups:

Backup manager helps you backup the data from your store and puts it in your selected drive. Real time monitoring is accessible, with items being updated instantly while not having to attend for your backup to run.

Select Drive for storage:

  • Save Backup in your server through FTP,
  • dropbox,
  • google drive,
  • Amazon s3 and
  • Microsoft one drive.

Complete Backups:

Backup manager helps you backup the data like customers, orders, products and product images, themes and theme assets, collections, pages, articles.

Restore by date:

You can restore the previous files, date priority to last 7 days any time.

Flexible Backups:

Take backup of an individual item, a group of items, or your entire store - it's up to you. Find the item you're looking for instantly, and rewind it to a previous version in seconds.

Easy Set-up:

Install "Backup Manager" from the Shopify app store, select a plan and backups start right away. Ongoing backups happen automatically for the most data you select.

Why Do I Need Backup Manager ?

To Save the backup of your site, which will help you with peace of mind if anything gets deleted.

If you give write permission to the app you install, any time items can get deleted. It just take seconds to delete an entire store.

Backup manager helps you with privacy. Privacy is important part and important files can't be share.

Dependency, so rather than depending on others to save your data, you can decide a safe place for your backup and restore it when you need.

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