New Order Email Notification to Vendors?

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I've tried searching on these forums but I haven't found a solution to my problem.

Bit of background first - we're opening a store in which we stock and dispatch goods from creators. This includes both physical products and digital downloads - so they send us the stock, and we send it all out. 

I would like an automatic notification email to be sent to the creators when their products have sold. Sort of an automatic, 'hey, friend! Someone bought your product! You earnt money! Woo!'

So far I've used this guide to create a custom shipping fulfillment for each creator, and changed the 'fullfilment' notification email wording to suit this purpose. It works absolutely perfectly for physical goods, whereby upon us updating the order as 'fulfilled', the creator gets the email saying they've sold product/s.

However, the massive problem is that unfortunately this has really messed up my automatic digital good fulfillment service. Because I've had to create custom shipping, this means that every digital download product variant does not automatically fulfill itself - in order for the customer to recieve their digital goods they have to wait for us to manually click fulfill, which is pretty much useless for the automatic gratification society of the 21st century.

Is there anyway I can automatically send a notification email to the creator whilst having my digital downloads automatically fulfilled? Or is this just not possible with Shopify?

Please don't refer me to any non-free apps :)