New to Oberlo and Confused About Shipping Information between Shopfiy and AliExpress

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After Importing Product from Aliexpress with Oberlo and then testing by adding to cart and proceeding with the checkout process, my shipping rates and ETA is always calculated and given 1-2 business days. On AliExpress, it states shipping with ePacket and ~10 to 20 days.

What am I missing to match the shipping information from Ali to the shipping information on my Shopify checkout page? I don't want the customer purchasing thinking they will receive their order in 1-2 days when it will actually get there in a couple weeks.


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This is Oswald, a Guru here at Shopify!

The Oberlo app will not pass along the delivery estimates from Aliexpress.  The shipping rates will need to be entered manually based on the weight or price of the order (see their help page here and our guide to creating your shipping rates here).

When creating your shipping rates and when entering the name of the delivery method (i.e. standard shipping) you can add the text "(10 - 15 days)" right after it and it will display during the checkout so your customers have an idea on the delivery times. 

If you are using the real-time shipping rates, I would recommend removing this option since the delivery days are pulled directly from USPS, UPS , or FEDEX and it will be using your Origin shipping address (not the company shipping the products) so those shipping rates will be inaccurate and they will most likely use another carrier service. 

To remove the real-time shipping rates, go to your Shopify Admin > Settings > Shipping, click "edit" next to the shipping zone, under the "Carrier-calculated rates", click the "x" to delete the carrier, and click "Save"

Hope the information above helps! If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to the Guru team. :)


Oswald | Shopify Guru

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Its best if you use aftership usefull app especially  for dropshipping. its easy  also to only sell free shipping products.

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I am so very confused as to what is going on with Oberlo and AliExpress. I am looking for medical scrubs that I can push to my store. I can see an unlimited supply when I log in AliExpress without Oberlo, but when I attempt to find the same items via Oberlo they are not there. I'm positive I have downloaded both apps. It looks like I am unable to open and utilize the AliExpress app. I get a message saying "cannot open AliExpress on this Mac Book". I have asked for help via chat on Shopify but cannot seem to convey effectively what the problem is. Furthermore, the scrubs I am seeing are insanely expensive. The shipping is quite expensive for them as well, and they arent even catalogued or presented in a way that would enable anyone to sell them. I wonder if this would not be the case if I could utilize the AliExpress app correctly but I will never know if I can't even figure out if it's configured properly with Oberlo. I have watched the videos repeatedly - they do not address the issue. Can anyone assist me with this?


It also looks like, unless you use one supplier exclusively (whether from AliExpress or otherwise) there is going to be no possible way to set up shipping without purchasing and continuously paying for an app that enables shipping??? How is that even possible with a platform that is sold primarily on the premise of drop shipping from multiple suppliers? 

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Because Oberlo does not pass along shipping times I created a custom solution that imports up-to-date shipping times into Shopify from Aliexpress (see screenshot for how it looks on the cart page).Screenshot 2019-03-11 at 21.56.39.png




The import works by defining a max price that you are willing to pay for shipping. The scraper then goes through Aliexpress and downloads the delivery method with the fastest shipping that is below the specified max price. This is repeated for each product in the store. 


Will be happy to help anyone interested with implementing this. Just shoot me a message at Can get this setup for your store in about a day :)

You can check to see how it looks and works in my store.