Niche vs Onestop solution

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I know niche shops do well. But if i have a various suppliers that have sellable items that have many different categories whats wrong with having a one stop solution like Target walmart, Fredmeyer , but on a much smaller scale of course. If i have a website name that is basically all inclusive. Wouldn't this model work ?     Seems like lot of shoppers don't really have much time in browsing site and when the see a item they like and price is right and seems like trustworthy site, they'll buy it.  I kow most buyers for me since selling online since 2003 back in ebay days I got most sales in morning and during evening which leads me to believe people shop before working and then when they are off.. And there are thoss people slacking in afternoon and shopping as well .lol

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Selling really specific Niche products is the best way to get started with selling online. Most customers don't have the time of searching and scrolling for products on multi-niche site. 

Once they see a niche they're glued immediately because they believe such seller is knowledgeable is such a niche. 

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Hey J!

Choosing to do niche websites is always a better idea. Amazon can be viewed as a non-niche website and for the most part, they have a stronghold in this department. Niche websites will allow you to connect with your customer base better. If you are having trouble finding a niche or products then check out this blog post.