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I already have a shopify store in which i sell to domestic clients and i have the inventory in my office. Now i want to start to dropship with oberlo to international clients abroad. 
1. Do i need to open a new shopify store? Or can i use my existing store? I want to sell to the domestic clients with my inventory and to international clients with oberlo dropshipping.
2. I read that aliexpress send with IPARCEL to the usa only. Is that true? What is exactly IPARCEL? how do aliexpress sends to other countries?

3. I am looking for a oberlo-shopify guru to set up my existing store to serve both domestic clients (no dropshipping - in hebrew - already up and running) and international clients (oberlo dropshipping - english - guru?).


Thank you

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Hi, Roy!

Zea here from the Shopify Guru team!

To answer your questions you can certainly sell to your domestic products you ship yourself as well as drop ship to international clients. You'd just have to set up your shipping settings different to accommodate for this. A service like Carrier Calculated Shipping allows you to use apps such as 'Better Shipping', 'Parcilfy' and 'Advanced Shipping' that all have the capability to allow you to allocate different shipping rates per product, meaning if it's domestic and shipping from you, or international and dropshipped, it will correctly charge the customer at checkout. 


“iParcel” is a shipping option offered by Shanghai HF International Transportation Agency Co.,Ltd. for shipping goods from China to Germany and the United States. The service includes warehousing, stock management, international shipment and tracking. Here's some more information on IParcel > http://activities.aliexpress.com/adcms/help-aliexpress-com/iparcel_help_home.php?utm_medium=forum&ut...

While the Shopify gurus can assist you with the set up, they can't actually do it for you, if you're looking for someone to do the complete set up you'd be best to contact one of the Shopify Experts under " Small Tasks" https://experts.shopify.com/tasks to help you get the job done! However, Oberlo is designed to be user-friendly to set up with Shopify yourself, so you could give it a go first. 

This is the basic set up installing the Orberlo App >https://help.shopify.com/manual/shipping/rates-and-methods/fulfillment-services/oberlo?utm_medium=fo...

And here's how to import products from Oberlo to Shopify > https://help.oberlo.com/products/ways-to-import-products/how-to-import-products?utm_medium=forum&utm...

The store will serve clients depending on how your shipping settings are set up, as long as your settings allow them to buy and ship the item, then someone from Europe through to USA can purchase from your store. If you're looking at selling worldwide a currency converter app may also come in handy, here's one by Hextom > https://apps.shopify.com/multi-currency-converter?utm_medium=forum&utm_campaign=Guru+Ask&utm_source=...

As for the languages, most can be translated for the customer with an app like Multi Lingo : https://apps.shopify.com/multi-lingo?utm_medium=forum&utm_campaign=Guru+Ask&utm_source=social

Finally, if you are wanting a Hebrew and English store, this will require 2 seperate stores. You can duplicate your current store into a new Shopify Account, then make the following edits to change it to Hebrew. 

To convert one of the stores to Hebrew to read Right to Left (RTL), you will need to edit the code. Here's how to do this: 

1. Open theme.liquid
Near the top of the file, usually in the first 2-5 lines, you'll see text like this

<html class="no-js" lang="{{ shop.locale }}">

The code will vary with different themes, just make sure it's the tag that starts with <html

Then before the closing > just add a space followed by the text dir="rtl" to tell the browser to flip everything. This will re-arrange elements like the logo and how text inputs work too. The end result will look like

<html class="no-js" lang="{{ shop.locale }}" dir="rtl">


It's worth noting some themes are designed so that cart and search icons may not move automatically. If it's a supported theme ( made by Shopify ) you can send it to our Theme Support and we'll look into fixing it for you.

To change the check out to right to left, the language should be set to a right to left language like Hebrew - In the admin, go to Theme settings > … > edit language > other languages and adjust here

Also, here's how you can alter the drop-down menus to read correctly in Hebrew: https://help.shopify.com/themes/customization/navigation/use-non-english-characters-in-menus?utm_med...

Hope this all helps! ?

- Lisa 

Lisa | Social Care @ Shopify
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