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Hope you can help - new to this...

We are just about to launch a single product for funding on Kickstarter. All going well, we will get our funding. On the assumption that happens, I'm going to be having a product being made in China reasonably soon (optimistic hat on!).

My question is what happens next. 

I'd like to get the all product immeditaly sent to someone else's warehouse direct from China, so that when an order comes in via the Shopify website we are planning on creating, regardless of customers location in the world), that warehouse is able to send it direct to the customer. Essentially I don't want to create a warehouse or handle all the shipping, would like to completely outsource that element. 

My initial questions are:

1) Who offers this kind of service? 

2) Does Amazon FBA work in this way?

3) Would this warehouse also handle returns?

4) Is this a senisble plan - or is there an easier way to do it?

5) Are there any examples of companies doing this that i can look at?

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi there Sam,

I'm Jon, a Shopify Guru.

Those are some great questions.  Let's go down the list!

1) Who offers this kind of service?

On Shopify we have a few different options for dropshipping services.  Just go to Settings -> Shipping, scroll down to the "Dropshipping and Fulfillment" section, and hit "Manage Carriers."

There, you can use Rakuten, Shipwire, and Fulfillment by Amazon, or you can attach your own dropshipping service, adding their name and email as a "Custom Fulfillment Service," if you've established a warehouse outside of the ones above.

Our fulfillment guide,, shows how to connect each of those services.

2) Does Amazon FBA work in this way?

Yes, exactly!  That's how FBA works.  You can have your products sent to their warehouses, and every time those products are ordered, Amazon will ship them for you.

3) Would this warehouse also handle returns?

Yes, the warehouse would also handle returns.  A return shipping label will be provided by Amazon, and you can keep track of the return in your Amazon Seller Account.  I'll link a forum post below that goes into in more detail:

4) Is this a senisble plan - or is there an easier way to do it?

This is definitely a sensible way of managing these orders.  Otherwise, you'll have to ship the products yourself.

5) Are there any examples of companies doing this that i can look at?

For privacy reasons, I'm not able to provide any examples of other companies using fulfillment by amazon in this way.  Sorry!

I hope that helps!  Thanks a lot!


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