Part deliveries and stock call-off

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Is it possible to do this in Shopify?

Our customers order in bulk and pay up front for the whole order. We hold stock for them and they call it off in batches. It's custom branded goods, so we can't use the stock for other customers! I would like them to be able to log in to their account and view their stock levels and call off part orders and then re-order when the stock is getting low. The only thing they pay for when they call off stock is the carriage fee (they have already paid for the goods when they first ordered). Is this making sense? Can we do this in Shopify?

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Hey Ritchie,

That should be doable, but would require quite a bit of custom work to do things like give them access to their current inventory levels, since that's not something that would be built into shopify by default without having to give them access to ALL the inventory levels. If you want to go that route, you might want to contact a developer from our experts page to see what that sort of work would end up costing, and how long it would take.

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