Photo Print and Drop Ship service for photography sales business, API integration Shopify

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I'm looking to see if anyone knows of a quality photo printer, laser c-prints not inkjet, that will integrate to Shopify. Having searched the forums I found nothing, other than people looking for this product. Gooten is the closest thing I can find, but they are a do all outsourcer to other shops, not a quality printer who does their own work.

Ideally I'd like to find a way to print from Adorama ( Adoramapix ) who I currently print and drop ship with via Photoshelter. However the Photoshelter platform is horrible for actually selling, horrible number of click throughs, no metrics, no tracking, no funnels, you can't even do Google Analytics. I am aware of the photo sites that offer this service on their platfors ( smugmug, photoshelter, EZ Prints, etc) I am looking for one that works with full integration with Shopify and can take an order directly, and drop ship directly internationally.

Thanks for any help.