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Hi there,

I am looking for a supplier with great communication skills for printed clothings such as t-shirts, vests, jackets, hoodies, hats, socks, caps, shirts and etc. We want to design our own styles and etc but we need someone to manufacture these and if possible do dropshipping (optional but would be a plus factor), 

Let me know if you are interested or email me at

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey Kaizer!

I'm Daryoush, on the superb Guru team! :)

I will tell you something that will actually make this a lot easier and much more efficient! We have a wide variety of Shopify apps that you can use to upload your designs to tshirts, hoodies, hats and more, and you don't need to have any inventory at all. Each time a customer places an order, one or more of these apps will create the product on your behalf and ship it out to the customer! If this sounds good to you, please download any of these apps and contact the app developers!

- Printful
- Printify
- Print Aura
- Merchify
- Teelaunch
- Kite

I hope this helps and have a lovely day!


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Hey Kaizer,

Check out Air Waves OnDemand.

US-based, Fully automated, free to use.

ProductPro connects your Shopify store with thousands of high-quality products available for dropshipping from our trusted supplier network. Enjoy automated fulfillment, quick turnaround, great margins, and an extensive product selection.
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copying my post from another thread... i use both Printify and Printful on my store (  i have also tried two others, Teelaunch and Airwaves. 

super fast feedback:

Printify - great partner, amazing service and they have come through for me when i needed them to.  not the lowest price, but have a great set of product and manufacturing options and as i stated, amazing service and help.

Printful - my second choice.  some things on the interface are a little more difficult, but they have more options for leggings and dresses, although they are super expensive.  i've done better working with overseas distribution, but those come with minimum orders.

Teelaunch - great pricing, but not very helpful. still haven't received my first test order with them. have some cool products but not many options.

Airwaves - unfortunately have had not great experience. slow to answer, then had three quality issues in a row. sadly, i don't use them anymore.

feel free to email me for more detailed info.


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Hey Julie, cool socks& leggings!

Can I ask how do you handle shipping from 2 origins and 2 vendors(Printify& Printful). 

Do you use an app for that?

Best of luck!(sorry i can't help with the dropshipper:))





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Hi, MeetSocks is a socks factoy certificated by BSCI & OEKO-TEX, we do both jacquard and printing socks.

We only do socks OEM.

check out our website below:



Do any of these apps allow customers to create their own designs?

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I'm also needing a low cost leggings printer/designer/manufacturer! I've had my online leggings boutique since 11/2016 and have grossed over $175k! I'm at a crossroads now- I carry ALLL of the inventory in my home- I'm literally drowning in it. But I QC each and every pair, have a 5* review status on every social media platform, a FB group of 9k ACTIVE members, and the list goes on. 

The problem- it's just little ol' ME- doing all of THIS, ALONE! I've been purchasing leggings from multiple distributors, which now I'm having the major problem of the legging market being completely saturated. It's become ridiculous actually. Every time I login to FB, there's 10 more Leggings gals selling my same prints. (One of them even went as far and scammed people saying she's a "Sales Rep" for MY brand! She is being very ugly about the deal, bashing my brand all over social media. So I HAVE to do something now. Either get out while I'm ahead, or find a manufacturer I can work with to design MY OWN prints!! Btw- I am TM. So that chick may be in some hot water if I decide to take her to court. Ugh. 

Should I look into dropshipping? I've just recently added TOPS and TUNICS to my collection, so I'm starting to think outside the leggings box! Lol! 

Thank you! 

Please contact myself or my husband if you have any ideas. He's my right hand man, and has helped take over this part of the biz. Just trying to get him going too. 

Jen Kidd

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Hi Jennifer,

I am curious how you sold so much so fast?? I am struggling lol Sales are sporadic, and seem to be pretty much at a dead halt since summer began...hoping things will pick up soon.

If you want to dropship any leggings, I might be interested. I sell Boho themed products in my store.


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We are having a new dropshipping app which supports dropshipping from various chinese and other websites with many suppliers who ships worldwide. Our app has a semi-automatic order fulfillment from those sites. Check out our app with many more features here

Hope that helps,