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Hi, I bought a couple shirt from printful to test that everything would be fine before opening my website, I had an unpleasing suprise when I got my package, the products themselves are awesome but I had to pay 25.22$ at the post office, I live in Canada and since printful is in the US I was expecting to pay taxes and custom fee which i did (15.27$ out of 25.22$) but what is scaring me is the 9.95$ I paid as "handling", I ordered 3 shirt and 1 hoodie. If a customer Order 1 shirt, does he still have to pay the 10$ for handling ? Does someone that use printful and ship to Canada is aware of how much this handling cost usually cost ? Does it change based on the order price or weight ?

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Hey Gabriel. 

I do believe this is correct. Even with a single purchase, consumers would pay a minimum of 9.95 CAD as duty and handling. 

It sucks, but dropship like Merchify and Printful are most beneficial for US to US sellers. Imagine selling a hoodie at 45 USD to a Canadian, +10 USD shipping, +at least 10$ for taxes/duties/etc...

That's one expensive hoodie... No thanks, I'll get one local and have it customized at a specialty place. 


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I'm in the process of putting together a Printful/Shopify store.  I am from Canada as well.  Definitely did not know about the additional handling charge.

I wonder if other ppl have experienced this.