Product Outsourcing in China - I Can Help

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Hi everyone.  I wanted to let you know that if you need help outsourcing products in China I can assist you.  My name is Ian Hanks.  I run a Chinese Trading Company and have a Shopify store at

Most companies make one of two mistakes when purchasing products.  Some buy directly from local distributors.  This is a good way to ensure quality, but it is usually more expensive than outsourcing. Others outsource from suppliers in China and other countries without the help of a sourcing agent. This is a good way to reduce price, but it is time consuming and very difficult to ensure quality from the other side of the world.

Our company bridges the gap.  We have a team of Chinese researchers that identify and contact suppliers much more effectively than you could.  My brother and I speak fluent Chinese and manage the process so that nothing gets lost in translation.  

See how effective we are by requesting a free price quote.  If you decide to buy the product, we handle the whole process for 10% of the product cost. 

Email me if you are interested at