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I've come to a bump in the road and looking for advice.

I manufacture and sell some items. For the past year I had no problems keeping up with production then, around November one item quadrupled sales then in December it went to 10x of my previous average. It's been pretty steady since then.

I just worked harder to meet the production, all the while thinking it was just a bubble and would drop back to previous levels.

Now, I'm falling behind and I'm up to about 6 days behind and it's just getting worse.

How to catch up?

1. Farm out the product - Would take weeks to get it made and into inventory

2. Hire more people - Did that but the machine can only run so fast. I'm at maximum capacity for 12 hour workday.

3. Stop taking orders for a few days to catch up - temporary solution as production is still not able to keep up with demand.

I've already posted pop ups indicating that production is at max and orders will be delayed but I still get a barrage of emails asking when my order will ship.

The last piece of the puzzle is that several youtube reviewers have recently picked up the product and I expect an increase in orders.

What would you do?


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It's hard to say without knowing what type of product you're producing and whether or not you're looking for a short-term or long-term solution.

Have you considered overseas production? Or are you not quite at that volume yet?